The Very Beginning!

July 18th, 2011

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We are the Farmer family! We are brand-spankin’ new to the RV life, and have only been living in our 1991 Prowler Travel Trailer for 1 week as of today. Already, it’s been quite an adventure! Here’s a little bit of our back-story for ya.

There’s me (Mama Farmer), my DH (Daddy Farmer), and our awesome son (Little Farmer)who is 7. We had been living in a 3 bedroom/2 bath mobile home for quite awhile, but our A/C went out this past Thursday. We tried calling our landlord, but that was to no avail. He never answered. So where were we to go?! I reluctantly agreed to let my DH call his parents (who happen to only live 7 minutes away) to see if we could stay there for the night until we could get ahold of the landlord the next day. Well, they had just bought the 1991 Prowler in the hopes that we might want to live in it…and we had NO IDEA!!! They approached us about it, and asked if we would be interested. I have to say, at first I was all for it, but then when I got to thinking about having to get rid of all my things for my home, I said no. So they agreed they’d just use it for themselves. End of story…right? Wrong. LOL! We finally got ahold of the landlord who said he’d gotten our messages and contacted a repairman to come out and fix it that day (which was Friday). Friday came………and went. No A/C. Tried calling Saturday and Sunday. Still no A/C. have been staying in the camper since Thursday night just “camping”. Finally call Monday morning a new number i’ve just found online for our mobile home park. A guy named Jason answered and said he was the landlord. WHAT?!?!?! I told him our story of no A/C and he was shocked…our old landlord had been fired the Monday BEFORE our A/C went out!!!!!! The new landlord said he’d get it fixed by 5:00 on Tuesday. Today is Thursday, and still no A/C. So guess what? I’ve decided I’d rather be responsible for my A/C working, and anything else, instead of relying on others to fix it on their time. So me, my DH, our son, and the in-laws sat down and re-discussed us buying their camper. We’ve come to an agreement on everything, and now we’re in the process of moving in!!!! YAY!!!!

There’s only so much room in there, so I’ve had to choose carefully what I bring. Like for the kitchen, I used to have tons of bowls and cookware…now I only have stuff thats microwaveable or cast-iron. I have 1 glass round casserole dish with a lid that’s oven safe, and plastic plates, bowls, and cups. I only have 4 plates and like 6 bowls and 8 cups. That’s plenty. I have made use of my little cow-wall hangy things, to hang my oven mitts on, measuring cups, etc. In the living room, I only brought a few couch pillows and my blanket throws. Our TV was WAY too big, so we’re going to have to sell it and buy a 32” flatscreen. My DH is excited at the thought of buying a new TV haha! He’s all set to go to BestBuy and start shopping around. 🙂 Our bedroom had THE most UNCOMFORTABLE bad in all of existance. So we brough our pillow-top mattress from our old home, and some basic clothes that I can fit in our suitcase. Now, our bathroom has a stand-in shower (which I’ve decided to put our clothes hamper in, due to storage space), a sink, toilet, and some small cabinet space underneath and above the sink. I brough my bath and toilet rugs, and VERY basic toiletries. We all share the same shampoo/conditioner/bodywash now, we have our 3 toothbrushes and only 1 tube of toothpaste, and 1-PLY BIO-DEGRADABLE TOILET PAPER!!! That one’s a MUST! Otherwise if you use regular toilet paper, it will mess up your tank.

Speaking of your tanks, MAKE SURE YOU EITHER HAVE A REGULATOR OR YOU BUY ONE!!! We had no idea, and just cheerily connected a water-hose to our RV and after a few uses of the sinks or toilet…there was a FLOOD IN MY BATHROOM FLOOR AND IT WAS GOING INTO MY BEDROOM CARPET!!! AHH!!! Luckily I went to our local CampingWorld, and they asked if we had a regulator. I guess i must have looked a bit lost and confused cause the guy just laughed a little and said ‘here let me show you what it looks like and you tell me if you have one’. He showed me and I asked him where it was that i was supposed to have seen it. He laughed at me again and said ‘either it’s connected between your water hose and your RV, or between your water hose and your water line’. Needless to say we bought it and now the leak has stopped! LOL!

One down side though to where we’re set up, is that we cant hook up to any kind of sewage with it where we’re located. So we have to make the trip up to the bathrooms to shower/potty. I thought it would be just fine, till at 4AM one night I realized i had to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t just a ‘i can hold it till morning’ thing….it was a I HAVE TO GO NOW!!!!!!!!! kind of need…and the bathrooms were locked up! A frantic search for a bunch of wal-mart bags ensued, and i just sat them inside the toilet, sat the lid down and went! HAHAHA!!! It was survival 101 for me! It was so funny the next morning when my DH and I talked about what had happened.

Needless to say, it has been fun, yet exhausting at the same time. Just figuring out how to get the awning down and out to the right spot was confusing! Now though, i’ve got the hang of it. 🙂 I still don’t know what kind of chemicals i’m supposed to be putting in my holding tanks (i heard you’re supposed to) or how to get the stink out of my water. I’m gonna go today and buy a white non-toxic hose and see if that helps. If not, IDK. If anybody out there knows, please feel free to clue us in! LOL!

See ya’ll again real soon,

Mama Farmer